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Preparations for the Retreat

Get ready to begin a new dimension of health, balance, and higher well-being.

What to bring

These days of Retreat are dedicated to your rest, recovery, cleansing and inner development. So try not to bring too many things that you don’t need. Brings:

For a good coexistence

The time of CHECK – IN is at 4pm, if you arrive earlier we recommend you to take a walk around as we are not available to assist you yet.

For the proper functioning of the program, we ask you to be punctual in the activities. If you do not attend, please let us know. Not going to any of the activities does not imply a refund or discount on the price of the program.

We have good mobile coverage and Wifi. However, we thank you for using your mobile phone only in your room and taking care to keep the volume down, especially during rest hours.

During the retreat, there may be people who are trying to quit smoking. We allow smoking only in established areas, avoiding smoking during group activities.

We are animal lovers, but we do not accept pets due to allergy reasons.

In case of leaving the Retreat before the agreed date, there is no refund of any amount paid.

See our privacy policy and terms and conditions of participation

If your Retreat is going to be 5 or 7 days, you should keep this in mind:

What to eat before coming to the 5 or 7 day retreat.

Meal plan 3 days prior to the retreat.

Start reducing the amounts of food you eat and gradually eliminating fats, meats, sweets, sugar, and dairy and grains. Also coffee, alcohol and tea.

Apart from fruit or vegetable juices, drink plenty of water and herbal teas.