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The key to our retreats

Detox Treatments

Diet without solid foods accompanied by specific combinations of detox drinks for optimal results and safety.

Cellular Nutrition

Supply of natural and ecological nutrients that your cells need for their maintenance and regeneration

Healthy Habits

Our center in the middle of nature offers you activities and educational programs to help you meet your goals.

Personalized attention

An experienced team will assist you throughout the retreat so that you can make the most of it.

Personalized attention

With the help of Virginia Zeni and her great team of experienced people, she will accompany you throughout the retreat. Answering all your questions, helping you with any concerns you may have, and guiding you step by step so you can make the most of the benefits of our detox programs:

Before your arrival

Questionnaire and recommendations by our naturopath and dietitian to prepare and personalize your experience, and minimize the stress on your body during the detox process.

During the retreat

Daily monitoring of your vital signs. Professional support from our psychotherapist to accompany you in the emotional and transpersonal processes that the detox process can facilitate.

On completion

Enter a report that will allow you to know the evolution of the improvements achieved during the retirement.

Custom Tracking Options

Follow-up and health optimisation plans with 3, 6 or 9 month follow-up to help you maintain what you have achieved and achieve your goals.

Cellular Nutrition

While the detoxification process is going on in your body, it is important to provide your cells with the nutrients they need for the important maintenance and regeneration functions they perform. All the products we use are natural and ecological:

Fresh juices are the most nutritious foods on the planet, with up to 90% of their nutrients being used by cells. Our juice blends contain fruits and vegetables, and are adapted to achieve different goals in the liver, kidneys…

Similar to the composition of our blood, drinking a chlorophyll juice is similar to having a healthy blood transfusion. Our wheat grass is organic and is grown in Can Bavi so that we can offer it freshly cut with all its nutrients.

Packed with fiber, rich in chlorophyll and other nutrients, green smoothies are true healthy energy drinks. A green smoothie is a delicate combination of nutritious vegetables and delicious fruits that to increase cellular nutrition we combine with superfoods such as goji berries, Andean maca, rosehip or chia seeds.

Particularly gentle on digestion and with significant amounts of minerals, our vegetable broths are served in the afternoon. They are purifying and restorative.

Due to various problems, many people have difficulty digesting food effectively. To assist in the process, our special detox preparations include digestive enzymes, fermented vegetable drinks, and other unique ingredients that will help you digest food better, lower inflammation in your intestines, and reduce heartburn. .

Repopulating our intestines with probiotics, in addition to creating competition to harmful organisms such as candida, helps increase digestive function, immune response, mineral absorption and lactose tolerance.

Very suitable to support the main organs in their detoxification function, due to their anti-inflammatory, diuretic and carminative action.