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5-Day Detox Retreat in Barcelona - Cleansing Cure

A tune-up of your body to regenerate your body and mind in symbiosis with nature.

Price of the 5-Day Detox Retreat

Single room

Double room

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Why do a 5-day retreat?

You will enjoy a few days of relaxation and detox with healthy fresh and organic juices, detox drinks, superfoods…, which, together with optional treatments such as colon hydrotherapy, will make it easier for your body to purify the overload of toxins that inevitably accumulates over time and slow down the signs of premature aging.

What does the 5-day Detox Retreat include?

Mindful hiking

Nature walks, rest, relaxation and inspiration.

Customizing your detox plan

With recommendations for healthy habits to optimize your healthy lifestyle.

Daily monitoring of your debugging process.

So that you have a record of everything you have experienced with us during the retreat.

Practical Recommendations on Optimal Nutrition

Healthy Recipe Ideas & Healthy Habits

Yoga & Meditation

To restore mind-body balance.

Support spaces to accompany you

In the physical, emotional, and transpersonal processes that purification can facilitate

People who are like-minded to you

Meet like-minded people and create unique friendships.

BONUS: Continuation Plan

For a lively and conscious diet with menus and recipes and to maintain what has been achieved

5-Day Detox Retreat Program

*Schedules are subject to change. You can choose between “Purifying cure” based on regenerative juices and shakes or “Fasting with water and remineralizing broths”. Choose to start when it suits you best: Monday or Wednesday.

Day 1 - Monday or Wednesday

Intermediate Days

Day 5 - Friday or Sunday

Price of the 5-Day Detox Retreat

  • Single room with private bathroom: 920 €
  • Double room with private bathroom: 1600 €

50% payment at the time of booking. 50% of the payment is made at the center.

We do not refund the amount paid to book, but we gladly give you new dates so you can come for 1 year.

See more information about cancellation policy.

Optional therapies you can do during your Detox Retreat

We have an extensive menu of relaxing massages available for you to enjoy your stay 100% or complement your cleansing with other detox treatments.

Massages/therapies have an additional cost that we indicate below.

Very gentle manual maneuver to drain retained lymph and fluids that cause inflammation.

Indicated in people with tension, anxiety, exhaustion which causes muscle stiffness and hardening of the fibers. It relaxes the muscles and provides a positive emotional feeling.

Head-to-toe massage with essential oils of plants and spices that stimulate and balance the body to achieve a state of relaxation and deep well-being.

To relax the muscles and dissolve contractures caused by stress, poor posture, lack of rest or an overly sedentary life.

Indicated to eliminate toxins through the skin. It consists of a body massage-peeling and a thin wrap of green mud. It includes a pink clay face mask and a gentle foot massage.

Massage the torso starting with the arms, including the hands, pectorals, cervicals, face, skull and ending with the facial treatment with natural cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing products including eye and lip contour.

Enjoy a different experience of feeling your body, with pressures, stretches and mobilizations done on top of your clothes. Your body will increase its own awareness, and with it it will be able to decide deeper changes.

Ecs. Facial treatment with natural cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing products including eye and lip contour.

Not sure which program is right for you?

Whether it’s weight loss, regaining your life-giving habits, getting back on track after a period of stress, or recovering from illness. We advise you to adjust the retreat to your needs.